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Since 2001 We’ve Traveled 1,000,000+ Miles And Visited 20+
Countries! Now We’re Helping You Travel The World For Less Than
Your Weekly Trip To The Grocery Store!

Inexpensive World Travel, Without The Headache, Without The Guilt

                                                                                                                           “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

                                                                                                                                                                                         - Lao Tzu

Hi, we're Brad & Sheldon Christensen! and we're two brothers with a passion and enthusiasm for travel. Not little roadtrips here and there, but exploring the far reaches of the world. Between the two of us we've been all over the globe, and we're just scratching the surface. The best part is our travel is CHEAP. We're talking super cheap, like free and almost-free in some cases. And we'd like to help you do the same thing. Check out some of our recent trips below...
$69 Believe it or not Ticket to Costa Rica!
Watching the sunset over the ocean, majestic waterfalls, great food and many more... You’ll never regret having spent your $69 on this trip!

Regular Cost: $400 -$800
Your Cost: $69
Saved: $331 -$731
$900 Family Vacation For Five!
Pick NYC, a secluded Florida beach, a weekend in Hollywood, or a Disneyland extravaganza and it’s yours. Explore anywhere in the lower 48 with a family of five total people for somewhere around $900.

Regular Cost: $500 x 5= $2500
Your Cost: $900
Saved: $1600
Adventure for less than $160!
2 Flights and 9 Hotel Nights free? Getting to Italy or anywhere in Europe that people only dream of once in a lifetime can be yours for a mind blowing price of $160!
Regular Cost: $1500 -$3200
Your Cost: $160
Saved: $1340 -$3040
$65 Flights and 
Free Hotel Nights In Spain!
2 Flights and 9 Hotel Nights free? Whether you choose Barcelona or Madrid, this once in a lifetime vacation can be yours for $160!

Regular Cost: $1500 -$3200
Your Cost: $160
Saved: $1340 -$3040
$100 Almost -Free Flights to Hawaii Islands!
Craving a nice Hawaiian Vacation? Would you believe you can hit the famous Kauai Island or the enchanting 
Big Island for just a 
hundred bucks?
Regular Cost: $1000 -$1500
Your Cost: $ 100
Saved: $900 -$1400
Enjoy a Free Romantic Cruise!
If you enjoy sailing the open seas, all-you-can-eat buffets, or the gentle rock of your cabin, this is a treat for you. Learn how to cruise the right way!
Regular Cost: $2000
Your Cost: $ 300
Saved: $1500-1700

“In all seriousness, I can’t thank WorldWanderlusting enough for the opportunity they’ve given my wife and me to see places and sights that I never thought I would ever see with my own eyes.  Italy was magical, and my wife and I are so excited for the next adventure.”

John Meyers (Trip for 2 in Italy!)
Ok guys... Are you ready to take off for 
vacation of a lifetime?
We are excited to tell you that we are now offering Travel Consultation Packages. We’ve designed the service to cater to individuals who want to travel more places and more often and pay next-to-nothing. It is specifically designed to take advantage of our years of experience to help you achieve the vacations of your dreams! Treat us as your Secret Gateway to a World without Limits!
How It Works
Check out these simple steps …
1. Choose one of our Service Packages that best fits your travel needs
2. Complete a simple interview form to help us understand the kind of trip you want to take
3. We'll schedule a phone call with you to discuss the details of your travel plans
4. Then, we'll recommend a travel credit card that will maximize the mileage you get
5. After that, we'll evaluate where you want to go and airline opportunities
6. You're all set!
Don't worry. You won't be required to learn this entire process. That's why we're here!
We'll help you map out your trip and show you exactly what you need to do in order to get where you want to go!
Need more explanation? No problem! Check out this simple illustration!
Watch over our shoulders while we plan and schedule your dream vacation -DONE For You.
Got Questions? Great! We’ve got the Answers!
How do Miles and Points work?  
Miles and Points come from a variety of sources. We work to find the most efficient methods 
to earn the most miles for every opportunity. Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals, and more then 
accept the points as payment in full for their services. It’s awesome paying with points instead 
of dollars.
Doesn’t it hurt my Credit?
It doesn’t have to. Most of your credit score consists of whether you make your payments on 
time and whether you keep a balance. Adding credit cards to your history can negatively affect 
your credit through recent inquiries – a relatively minor factor, which refreshes after two years! 
My score is 785 and my wife’s is 804.
How Good does my Credit Need to be?
From credit issuers standpoint, there’s not much difference between the 720 mark and 800+. 
 Anything over 720 is excellent credit.
If it’s this Good, why doesn’t Everyone Do it?
This is the question we keep asking ourselves! We can’t seem to figure out why anyone 
wouldn’t want to travel for almost nothing. Most people get a single card and use it for some 
of their purchases, we take it to the next level.
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
That’s a nice question -check this out:
The WorldWanderlusting way. . .
Being SMART -is doing things the WorldWanderlust Way. We know that without using points, vacations can be too expensive. However, we can show you how to spend points, not dollars, and keep more money in your pocket to enjoy the ride.
Understanding Your Travel Reward Programs
Understanding The Programs

Don’t bother spending hours trying to find the best airline program for your needs. Let us show you the ropes. 
We’ll show you which frequent flyer programs will work best for your vacation objectives. Letting us help 
you understand the programs will save you days worth of research.

How To Acquire Massive Amounts Of Points

If you’re like me you want to take between 3-5 vacations per year. Without earning massive amounts of points, 
these vacations would cost a fortune. Now that we’ve discovered the secrets I’ve accumulated over 2,500,000 
frequent flyer miles within the past 4 years. With a little guidance from us, this will be the easy part.

Know How to Value Travel Points

Is 25,000 points worth a trip across the world, or does it get me across the street? We know how many points 
it is going to take you to your destination. Some programs’ points are more valuable than others. With our 
services you’ll be able to easily value your points and know how far you can stretch them.

When/How to Maximize Your Travel Benefit When Redeeming

This is our sweet spot. We know everything about maximizing your miles. We want you to take more vacations 
more often than anyone you want. Using the points properly will easily allow your points to stretch farther 
than Stretch Armstrong.

Following The Best Travel Credit Card Promotions

I know it seems plain silly, but between my wife and I, we have applied for and received the bonuses on 
34 credit cards in the past three years. We’ve used more than 900,000 points and we’re sitting on more 
than 1,600,000 in various programs. In the meantime, my credit score has actually gone up!

Ready to Go on An Amazing Trip?
WorldWanderlusting Service Packs
Choose the service package below that best fits your travel needs.
Once you've picked your service package we'll ask for your name and email address. After that we'll collect your credit or debit card information through a secure order form. You'll receive an immediate confirmation email to the email address you provided to let you know your order has been processed.
And now the fun begins!
Within 12 hours of placing your order one of our friendly World Wanderlusting Customer Care Specialists will contact you to setup an appointment by telephone. What's going to happen on this call, you ask?
We'll discuss with you all the details of your trip and plan out not only your BEST trip ever … but also your most affordable trip ever! This is true done-for-you travel planning and the most affordable way to see all the amazing destinations the world has to offer. 
Service Pack Features
Trip Planning (Like a Pro!)
We will hold you by the hand and teach you the best practices we employ to get you a vacation under your 
own terms -big savings, low cost, workable flight dates and much more!
Miles and Points Management
The key into securing awesome deals and promos lies into banking miles and points and a little bit of 
timing to get you make the most out of your frequent flyer miles. We have sites and apps that help us do 
the job right. And you’ll soon discover them too.
Credit Score Tips
There are too many myths about credit. We’ll debunk the myths and show you how your score is 
calculated. Soon you’ll know more than your lender! There is a RIGHT way in doing it. 
And we’re gonna show you Exactly how this is done!
High Mileage Credit Card Recommendations
We follow all the hot travel credit card promotions and at any given time know which ones offer the
highest mileage, while requiring the least. Where it makes sense we’ll recommend which ones will get you 
to your end destination the quickest, customized to your needs.
And Many More! (Hotel, Bank Pts., Free Cruises etc.)
This isn’t only about flights. We’ll share pointers with you about lowering the cost of your lodging, cruises, 
and much much more.
Decided already?
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“I love to travel. Engaging with new cultures and seeing new things is very important to me. Before I was introduced to World Wanderlusting we were paying for everything out of pocket, all domestic and international travel. I remember the first conversation I had with Brad and my jaw dropped at the prospect of flying somewhere for free with sky miles; my husband and I had just recently returned from a trip to Asia and I still hate thinking about the cost of our plane tickets. Once we started Wanderlusting It didn’t take long for us to book our first award flight to New York City. Now we always keep a stockpile of points ready to go when an opportunity presents itself. We still love traveling but I love affordable travel even more. Now with a roundtrip to the UK booked completely with loyalty points and we couldn’t be happier with”
Aly Webster (NY City Trip for 2!)
“We are leaving this fall… all 7 of us… for free!!! Our 2nd family trip to Florida for our whole family for free. Thank you, thank you!”
Amy Christensen (Florida Trip for 7!!)

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